Friday, March 28, 2008

Cellphone Golden Rule

Don't be an inconsiderate prick! I will admit that from time to time I even catch myself talking too loud on a cell phone but the difference between me and most cell phone users is that I make a point not to annoy the crap out of the people around me. I know there have already been lists made on cell phone etiquette but judging from the people around me I don't think they have A) Read the lists. or B) Taken the lists to heart. Here is a quick review of some common courtesy things people should keep in mind when using their cell phones:

1) For the love of God please limit your usage while driving your car. There is a reason it is easy to spot someone talking on their cell while driving. Ex. When I'm driving into work I can predict who is on a cell fairly accurately because if someone is driving slower than the speed limit or can't keep there car in their lane its a good indicator. If you saying to yourself "I'm one of the people that doesn't have a problem driving while one the cell" you are more than likely wrong.

2) When you have the choice take your call to somewhere private. Ex. If you at a restaurant take the call outside or to the bathroom area, don't sit there and have a conversation at the table. No it is not the same as having a conversation someone at the table. 99.9% of people talk much louder when they are on their cellphones.

3) Get rid of the obnoxious ring tones! No, your cute little song is not entertaining to anyone but yourself. Your friends might have laughed the first time they heard it but I bet if you asked them to be honest now they would tell you your ring tone is annoying.

I was going to make a longer list but I realized if people just keep these few things in mind that would be a great start. Now for the second part of my plan. This is what I think has been missing from previous lists and rants about cellphone usage. If you catch someone doing these things (I know its harder in the case of the drivers),

Punch them dead in the face!

I really think if people punched other people dead in the face when they were being inconsiderate it might get the point across. Hey I didn't say it would be easy.


Joe said...

If you're doing business, put the phone down.

Sure, the girl behind the counter at the burger joint is paid to wait on you. Making her stand there while you chit chat on the cell validates your unlimited power over her schedule.

She might think you're pretty rude. But to the people in line behind you ... you're a total douche bag.

Anyway, I didn't want to bother your busy schedule to mention she rewarded your lack of manners by spiting in your soda.

Don't forget to supersize it, Mr. DB!

tsolo888 said...

Well said Joe!

ad3kpro said...

Preaching to the choir, brother. AMEN

Anonymous said...

a woman just blow threw a 4 way stop doing 40 or better. oblivious.
either hang up and drive or pull over.

(HI, tsolo888)

Anonymous said...

As much as punching the person in the face would be fun. It's also fun to stare at them and respond to them as if they are talking to you. This tactic normally works well in restaurants with that person that's waiting on the rest of their party.

tsolo888 said...

That is a great idea Lorrenda!