Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I was going to write down the rules for Shotgun, but I found a site that has already done it and done it well here. My only change to the rules they have stated would be to say that you should always invoke the "Line of site rule". I think it cuts down on any confusion.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How hard is it?

OK, I really don't intend this blog to be a rant page, but people make it so easy to do. Here is a simple question that can be applied in many ways. How hard is it:

How hard is it to flush a toilet?
I can't count how many times I have gone into a public restroom to find that some inconsiderate moron has failed the simple task of flushing the toilet. It takes a minute amount of effort to accomplish the task of pushing, pulling, step on(for you germ-a-phoebes out there) a lever/button. No one wants to see what you have left behind, trust me.

How hard is it to use a blinker?
It is amazing how many people don't use there blinker/directional/turn signal/etc. More than likely the apparatus for initializing the signal is mere inches away from your hand. Not only is it rude not to use your signal it is unsafe. I am probably guilty of over using mine but I would rather give out too much information to the drivers around me than not enough. For those of you that are saving up that directional light bulb, guess what, as mentioned before I probably over use mine and have a car that is near five years old and has never had to have the blinker replaced.

How hard is it to throw away your own crap?
You were able to carry a full tray of food to your table but now you can't take your empty trash to a trash can? How freaking lazy are you or is it that you are just a douche bag that thinks "it's the workers job to clean up after me"? Have a little consideration for the people coming after you.

How hard is it to park in the lines?
If you cannot drive your car well enough to place it between two white/yellow lines, you shouldn't be driving. When you park like this, you screw up the whole system potentially because everyone else that parks after you ends up having to adjust to your poor excuse for parking. Then some poor mom who has her kids with her has one hell of a time trying to get her children into her car because there is no room to get the stroller in and the doors open. When you buy a vehicle that is too big for normal parking spaces you have given up the right to park close to a store and should try and park in the back, where you are less likely to inconvenience everyone around you.

How hard is it to thank someone?
This one really pisses me off because it is just plain old common courtesy and there is no excuse for not thanking people for doing things for you. Your body doesn't have a limited amount of "Thank yous" in it, so why not give them out. Just because a person is paid to take your food order doesn't mean they don't like hearing that you appreciate the effort they are putting forth. IF somebody lets you in to a lane when you are driving it doesn't take much effort to throw up a little "Thank you" wave.

How hard is it to ____________? Feel free to fill in the blank in the comments section.

My point is if people would just put a little effort and thought into the things they do, the world might be a better place. I'm sure this has been said and discussed a million times but if this reaches just one person it was worth writing.

Yes I know 50% of the people who read the title thought "That's what she said"

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm #1!

I went to Murder by the Book to get my copy of Infected for the signing on the 11th. As you can see by the card I am #1! (my mommy was right) The good news is that 2 & 3 were right behind me. The bad news is that the book store is really small and I don't know if it will be able to contain all the Sigler goodness.

Trailer for infected!