Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gene Pool Gun (GPG)

We are in desperate need of a Gene Pool Gun (GPG). This is a gun that when used renders the target sterile and therefore no longer able to spread their ignorance and stupidity to anymore generations. Case in point:
My wife and a friend were at the YMCA getting dressed in the womens locker room after swimming and ended up in the room with a woman and her two 7-10 year old sons. My wifes friend pointed out that, you are not supposed to bring males over the age of Five into the ladies locker room and that would she please get them out. The lady was indignant and refused so my wife and her friend contacted management to prove to the lady that this was policy and when this was confirmed and she was also told that there was a family dressing room for this kind of situation, the lady responded that she new there was a family lock room but that she didn't want her boys to see her naked.... So what she was saying is that it was acceptable for her to bring them into the lady's lock room and see other women naked but not her. After some debate she still didn't understand what she had done wrong but finally management insisted that she leave with the boys. Even as I write this I can't believe she was A) that stupid or B) that inconsiderate. The sad thing is that she has at least two kids that she will raise and pass on these traits too them. Hence my reasoning for a GPG. I know it is a pipe dream but it would ultimately make the world a better place.


Doug Warren said...

There is only one problem...we will run out of ammo very quickly. I assume that it does have a auto-fire capability, so it can handle large capacity situations, like the Academy Awards, any monster truck rally, etc.

tsolo888 said...

I imagine we would have to come up with WMD version as well for large populaces :)