Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Emperor's New Clothes

A buddy of mine saw No country for old men this weekend and reminded and confirmed how much I hated the ending of that movie. Don't get me wrong the acting, cinematography, scoring and pretty much everything but the end of NCFOM was incredible. I pride myself on not being a film critic because I feel that most of them have reached the point of critiquing movies to justify there existence, but I had to say my piece. I feel the biggest problem with the movie was that it was a victim of its own greatness. The first three quarters of the movie were some of the best I have seen, but the ending (or lack there of) killed it for me. I know many of you are out there saying that I missed the point, that the ending had this great meaning on how the world changes and you don't have control over it. To that I call, "BS!", that may be true but the end of the movie was still very frustrating and disappointing. I felt like you had spent all this time developing these wonderful characters and then to have most of them die off screen in such random ways was a huge crock and chicken way to end it. It was like the writers got to the end and thought "I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to end this. oh, wait a minute. You know what we can do? Lets make this grand message and have all this random stuff happen to the characters and not really end the story.". I don't go to the movies to come out frustrated and annoyed. I couldn't believe a the critical acclaim that the movie received. As I said before up until the the "El Paso" scene I thought the movie was incredible and deserved the best picture award, but taking the movie in its entirety, which you have to do, I thought it was awful. Judging the movie without taking the end into consideration would be like saying "That guy ran the best 300 meters I have ever seen and even though he fell down before the finish line I think he should win the race." I named this post "The Emperor's New Clothes" because, I really feel that once a few critics gave out such amazing praise for the movie that everyone didn't want to look like the idiot that didn't see why the movie was so great. well I'm here to be the kid in the story and say "Hey the Emperor is naked!"

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